Don Muang RTAFB & Bangkok

Don Muang/Pattaya Beach 1965-66 (2008)

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  • Photos Provided by Wayne Buran
    Don Muang RTAFB & Pattaya Beach 1965-66
  • Wayne visited Don Muang in 2008. It was his first visit back to Don Muang since the Vietnam War. Way to go Wayne!
  • Don Muang 1965-66
    35th tac gp quad 65.jpg
    35th TAC GP Quad 1965

    Don Muang 1965-66
    Note: C-7 Caribou Parked on the ramp

    Pattaya 1965
    View of Pattaya Beach from Buddha Mountain

    Photo taken June 1965 by Wayne Buran
    The USAF R&R House. This is where the Siam Bayshore hotel is now located

    Wayne Buran Behind Barbos Bar Pattaya Beach

    Pattaya 1965

    Pattaya 1965
    Building a houseboat

    Don Muang RTAFB 1965-66
    hdqrts 35th tac group 6236 csg don muang rtafb 1965.jpg
    Headquarters 35th TAC Group 6236th CSG

    Don Muang 1965-66
    35th TAC GP Base Motor Pool Dispatch Station

    Photo taken in 2008 (43 years later)
    Wayne Buran & View of Pattaya Beach from Buddha Mountain

    Photo taken in 2008
    Siam Bayshore Resort in Pattaya. This is was the location of the R&R house in Pattaya in 1965

    Pattaya 1965
    Nipa Hut Beach

    Pattaya 1965
    Beach Cliff

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