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Bob Hope Show at Don Muang 1968

Bob Hope Christmas Tour 1968, Don Muang Royal Thai Air Base, Thailand.

Do you have memories of the Bob Hope Christmas Tour 1968 at your base?  Do you have pictures of Ann Margaret wearing either of the dresses we show here?  Please share your pictures and your memories with the webmaster.


In the heart of every US GI or grunt since World War II, Bob Hope had more positive impact on morale than any other human being.  It was true in the Vietnam War.  Mr. Hope brought a touch of home to the troops in Vietnam and Thailand in December of 1968.  Don Muang RTAFB was their logistical base of operations.  ALCC provided the C-130 airlift.  6th Aerial Port Squadron got a front row look at these celebrities on departure.


Mr. Hopes troupe members were always on time for departure from Don Muang RTAFB.  You got the sense they knew the importance to the troops of an on-time arrival and on-time show.  The big guy to the right of the picture is believed to be Rosey Greer, retired Los Angeles Rams tackle.

Ann Margaret Note: Football star Rosey Grier in background


Mr. Hope rode up front.  My guess is that the ALCC jocks can share some interesting stories about Mr. Hope's observations from the flight deck.


Perhaps this day the troupe was headed to the Central Highlands of Vietnam.  Or maybe Ann Margaret got cold on the previous flight.  Why else would she take a fur coat?


6th Aerial Support Squadron thought it would be neat to give Mr. Hope an engraved tray with our unit's name on it.  I dont remember the name of the SSgt who initiated the idea, but that is him in the photo.

Mr. Hope is shown arriving for his first flight of the day. Bob made at least 2 stops everyday


In 1968 Mr. Hopes co-star was Ann Margaret.  She was, and in my eyes still is, a honey.  The officer to the right may be Capt. Walter L. King, Terminal Services Officer, 6th Aerial Port Squadron.




After the awe had subsided, we became more aggressive about approaching Mr. Hope. Check out Mr. Hopes cap. The officer to the left is Lt. Col. James M. Maguire, Jr., Commander, 6th Aerial Port Squadron.  I don't remember the name of the female officer.


Mr. Hope graciously accepted our gift.  He made each person, and each unit, feel as though they were important to him.  What a class act and a classy guy!

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