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These excellent photos were submitted by Jon P. Walberg
US Army Medical Ambulance NCOIC
Camp Friendship/Sattahip 67-68
523rd Medical Ambulance Det

These are my Air Force Military Photo Pages. I was stationed at Korat Royal Thai Air Base (1970-71) and Ubon Royal Thai Air Base (1971-72) during the Viet Nam war. I will be adding new pages regularly as I re-visit all the Bases, Camps and Sites that were operational and active during the Viet Nam war. My recently completed photo pages were taken October 19-23, 2001 of: Camp Warin, Camp Mukdahan, Phu Mu (Pig Mountain) and Nakhon Phanom or otherwise known as NKP and of Seri Court, Bangkok, 5th RRU & 83rd RROU on December 29-31, 2001.


View of the valley below at Phu Mu Radar Site
Photo taken by the Webmaster October 22, 2001

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