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Phu Mu Signal Site - APO 96310
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Phu Mu Photos taken in October 22, 2001. New Photos just arrived. Photos provided by Mike Mainer 1969-70

Geographical Location:
Located in North-Eastern Thailand on a mountain called Phu Mu (Pig Mountain). The Camp consisted of a Lower Camp and an Upper Camp. Only 2 barracks remain on the site today. Evidence of Radar Antenna concrete pads and building foundations also exist. Approximately 21 miles South of Mukdahan and 275 miles Northeast of Bangkok.



Photo by Gene Ponce 2001
Photo of Phu Mu Signal Site was taken Oct 2001
1 of 2 remaining Phu Mu Barracks

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Long Lines Battalion
USASTRATCOM-I&S (Intel & Security Division)
USACC-THAILAND-I&S (U.S. Army Communications Command-Thailand)

1st Mobile Communications Group
29th Signal Group
207th Signal Co Detachment A
207th Signal Co Detachment F
442nd Signal Battalion Detachment A Co (SYSCON)
442nd Signal Battalion Detachment C Co (LL)


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