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Camp Samae San (Sattahip) - APO 96232

Geographical Location:
Camp Samae San is located approximately 90 miles South of Bangkok near the city of Sattahip, Thailand. Camp Samae San is about 5 miles SW of the Utapao runway and along the Gulf of Siam. Sattahip was located about 2 miles West and South. USCG LORAN Station was very near Camp Samae San.

October 24, 2004* Drove from Bangkok on highway 3 and passing by cities like, Chon Buri, Bang Saen, Sri Racha, Laem Chabang, Pattaya, Jomtien, Sattahip and Utapao. Drove all around the perimter road of Camp Same San and down to the beach area also. I did notice an R& R center for Thai military near Camp Samae San Beach. There was and area directly across the street from Camp Samae San that was active during the Vietnam War. This facility is still being used by the Thai military today. Stopped at Utapao Naval Air Base to see the civilian passenger terminal. I would say that about 95% or more of the flights that arrive at Utapao are from Russia. Hope to locate Camp Vayama, Deep Water Port, USCG LORAN Site at Sattahip and Bang Pla/Ping in the near future.

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Memories of Camp Samae San

  • MP's motto " Trail'em, Nail'em, Jail'em"
  • "Maflin's Raider's
  • The Rolling Howard Johnson's

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Area Materiel Supply Facility
Federal Electric Corporation (FEC)
HHC Terminal
HHC Terminal Command Deep Water Port
Page Communications
U.S. Army Support
9th Logistics
9th Terminal Command
13th AF Liasion NCO
16th Infantry
29th Signal Group
142nd Enginner Company
145th Engineer Company
207th Signal Company
219th Military Police Company (MPCo)
229th Transportation Company (TC)
233rd Transportation Company (TC) *Approx assigned personnel - 230
260th Transportation Company (TC)
281st Military Police Company (MPCo)
313th Transportation Battalion
379th Signal Company
449th Term Battalion
519th Transportation Battalion
537th Engineer Battalion 
538th Engineer Battalion
538th Engineer Battalion Paltoon D
562nd LT Maintenance
640th Transportation Battalion
604th Transportation Detachment (Tugboat)
697th Engineer Company (Pipeline)

Photo by Gene Ponce, October 24, 2004
Photo standing near the front main gate looking to the left

Photo by Gene Ponce, October 24, 2004
Photo taken outside the main gate looking to the right. Noticed a fire training facility in the area

Photo by Gene Ponce, October 24, 2004
Photo of a guard tower. Facing the main gate, it was at the very right hand corner of the camp.

Photo by Gene Ponce, October 24, 2004
Photo taken at the main gate looking directly in towards the beach

Photo by Gene Ponce, October 24, 2004
Photo outside the main gate on the main road that leads to Sattahip

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